Ep #99 - Debbie Warner - Building a Lasting Legacy

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In this episode, Young interviews Debbie, a guest who shares her journey of balancing parenthood and a successful career. They discuss her experience as a stay-at-home mom, the influence of her father on her parenting approach, and the power of his words in shaping her blended family.

Debbie emphasizes the importance of allowing kids to express their individuality, supporting their career choices, and leaving a positive impact on both family and work. She reflects on the surprising lessons of patience she gained through parenthood and offers advice for parents and soon-to-be parents. Join Young and Debbie as they explore the dynamics of parenting, career, and leaving a lasting legacy.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST:With over two decades of experience, Debbie Warner leads as Senior Vice President and Principal at MWM DesignGroup (MWM), an Austin-headquartered, Woman-Owned, Multidisciplinary A/E firm. Recently awarded the 2021 Luna Outstanding Executive of the Year, Debbie’s executive leadership achievements in the construction, architecture, and engineering industry were recognized by the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association (RHCA). Under her leadership, MWM has experienced tremendous growth and earned industry-wide recognition as Zweig Group’s “Hot Firms” and “Best Firm to Work For” for multiple years in a row.

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