Ep #132 - Jani Tuomi -  A Parenting Prescription: Health, Wealth, and Happy Kids

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young interviews Jani Tuomi, a digital health entrepreneur & investor and co-founder of imaware. Jani shares the personal experiences that led him to a career in healthcare and his motivation to help people identify diseases before symptoms show. He discusses his aspirations of supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and his involvement in the Austin startup ecosystem.

Jani also talks about his family life, including his wife and two sons. He emphasizes the importance of being present for his children and the soft skills he wants to instill in them. This conversation explores the differences in parenting styles and experiences between generations. Jani highlights the freedom and unstructured play that characterized his childhood and contrasts it with the more planned and technology-driven experiences of today's children. The importance of adapting parenting styles and finding a balance between structure and curiosity is emphasized. Young and Jani also touch on the challenges of managing multiple activities for children and the evolving relationships between siblings.


Jani's motivation to enter the healthcare industry stemmed from a personal experience with a family member's preventable illness.

Jani believes in fostering soft skills in his children, such as confidence, communication, and teamwork.

Childhood experiences and parenting styles have evolved over generations, with today's children having more structured and technology-driven lives.

Adapting parenting styles and finding a balance between structure and curiosity is important for the development of children.

Managing multiple activities for children can be challenging, and it is important to consider the interests and preferences of each child.

Parenting is a continuous learning journey, and it is important to be open to evolving and adapting as children grow.

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