Ep #127 - Justin Kistner - AI-ntrepreneurship, Real Parenting

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In this episode, Justin Kistner discusses his entrepreneurial journey from his previous business UpFocus, to his latest business, Copy Club – a community for learning and using AI to write better content. He reflects on his decision to work remotely, his experience transitioning back to office work, the challenges of commuting, and his intention to create passive income. Justin shares his thoughts on AI and the importance of teaching children how to use it as a tool. Young and Justin discuss the role of technology and social media, the challenges faced by parents today, and the benefits of parenting communities. They also explore the power of positive reinforcement, the role of emotional intelligence in parenting, and the impact of parenting on future generations. Additionally, they touch on the importance of self-care for parents and speculate about the future of parenting.


- Copy Club provides a community for learning and using AI to improve content writing.

- Family members may not fully understand the intricacies of an entrepreneur's work, but their support is crucial. Working remotely provides flexibility and allows for a better work-life balance.

- Creating passive income streams can lead to financial freedom and more time with family.

- Success as a parent is about reducing the frequency and severity of pain for your child.

- Teaching children how to use AI as a tool is important for their future success. Parenting is a crucial responsibility that requires continuous learning and adaptation in the modern world.

- Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in parenting, promoting healthy behavior and emotional development in children.

- Education and emotional intelligence play significant roles in effective parenting, shaping the future of children and society.

- Self-care is essential for parents to maintain their well-being and provide the best care for their children.

- The future of parenting will likely involve further integration of technology, increased focus on mental health, and continued exploration of new parenting approaches.

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