Ep #112 - Chris Brusznicki - Strategic Streamlining for Success

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young interviews Chris Brusznicki, a dedicated entrepreneur, family man and father of six. Chris shares his insights into building a successful business that not only provides for his family but also affords him the freedom to be present when needed. His wife, also an entrepreneur, joins in the juggling act of managing business and family. Chris emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries, eliminating inefficiencies in business, and the significance of setting aggressive goals for personal growth. The episode also explores Chris's Army experience in Iraq, highlighting the lessons of self-reliance and team collaboration.

Listen & Discover:

  • Navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship with a partner who shares similar life goals.
  • Setting boundaries for family time, such as a no-phone rule during crucial moments.
  • The value of addressing inefficiencies in business for improved productivity.
  • The impact of aggressive goal-setting on personal achievement.
  • Lessons from Chris's Army experience in Iraq, emphasizing self-reliance and teamwork.
  • Striking a balance in teaching kids to realize their potential
  • Encouraging positivity and praise in parenting for fostering a positive mindset in children.
  • The unique perspective of entrepreneurs and the inherent stress and uncertainty that come with it.
  • Chris's amusing take on the productivity of parents compared to those without kids.

Tune in to gain insights into entrepreneurship, family life, and personal development, with Chris's engaging and humorous anecdotes.

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