Ep #103 - Ariem Anthony - Discovering the Creative Path

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young interviews Ariem Anthony, a dedicated father who made the remarkable transition from being a part-time work-from-home dad, focusing on raising and homeschooling his three girls, to becoming a professional designer and entrepreneur. Ariem shares his extraordinary journey, including his experience working as a project manager at Disney, providing insights into the inner workings of design teams and illustrating how they adapt as companies evolve.

As the conversation unfolds, Ariem delves into the profound aspects of parenting adult children and the challenges it brings. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong parent-child foundation before aiming to be a friend to your kids. The episode explores the intricacies of fatherhood across generations, highlighting how societal shifts have ushered in a more present and emotionally expressive era for dads.

Listen & discover:

  • Insights into Disney's design teams and their evolution.
  • A deep dive into parenting adult children and the evolving dynamics of the parent-child relationship.
  • The changing landscape of fatherhood and the breaking of traditional gender roles.
  • Ariem's personal journey of homeschooling and its benefits.
  • Balancing professional success without a formal higher education.
  • Valuable advice for soon-to-be parents and self-discoveries through the parenting journey.
  • Navigating family opinions and doing what's right for your family despite naysayers.
  • Why Ariem loves the book "The Four Agreements" and how it influences his life.
  • Ariem's candid response to the question “Are girls easier to raise?"

Tune in to this engaging episode of TGDS for a delightful conversation on parenthood, career, and the ever-changing roles of fathers in today's world.

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