Ep #119 - John Fong - The Provider's Path

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young interviews John Fong, entrepreneur and father of two. Young and John navigate the intricacies of parenting, touching on various topics such as the impact of the pandemic on family dynamics, teaching kids about budgeting, and the evolving patterns of parental spending. The conversation delves into the challenges faced by working parents, with John sharing insights into being a provider and reflections on success. Emotional moments arise as John discusses the loss of his parents, and the episode also explores the transition from a career to entrepreneurship. The discussion is peppered with advice for parents, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the moment and practicing patience. Insights into taking risks, the immigrant experience, and John's favorite book and hobbies add depth to the conversation.

Listen & Discover:

  • The impact of the pandemic on family dynamics.
  • Teaching kids about budgeting and smart spending decisions.
  • Evolution of parental spending on children.
  • Nostalgic moments in buying things for your kids.
  • The challenge of work spilling over into your personal life.
  • John's perspective on being a provider and the emotional aspects of success.
  • Reflecting on success and the proximity to mortality.
  • Emotional moments surrounding the loss of parents.
  • Transitioning from a career to entrepreneurship.
  • Advice for parents, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the moment and being patient.
  • Insights into taking risks and the immigrant experience.
  • Young and John's thoughts on this episode's Hot Topic question on Unschooling

Join Young and John in this insightful exploration of parenting, entrepreneurship, and the diverse experiences that shape a working parent's life.

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