Ep #107 - John Pol - Work-Life Fusion

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young dives into an engaging conversation with John Pol, a seasoned business leader and dedicated father of three. John's remarkable journey unfolds, from early entrepreneurial experiences at his mother's flea market stand to collaborative business ventures with his spouse. Throughout his path, John's experiences showcase the value of resourcefulness, emphasizing how seemingly modest lessons can transform into priceless assets in both personal and professional pursuits.

Listen & discover:

  • The influence of early entrepreneurship experiences.
  • The intricacies of partnering in business with a spouse.
  • Strategies for blending work and personal life.
  • How to discover the sweet spot where business success meets personal fulfillment.
  • Navigating the parental comparison trap.
  • The unique learning opportunities that travel presents to children.
  • The importance of presence and patience in parenting.

Join the conversation in this episode of The Girl Dad Show as we delve into entrepreneurship, parenting, and the invaluable life lessons that both worlds offer.

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