Ep #129 - Nis Frome - Fractional Consulting and Multi-Generational Living: Finding Harmony

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In this episode, Young Han interviews Nis Frome, an entrepreneur who recently transitioned from tech entrepreneurship to fractional consulting. They discuss the challenges of fundraising and the demanding nature of venture-backed startups. Nis shares his experience of living in Austin and the differences from New York City. They also explore the joys of being a dad and the benefits of multi-generational living. Nis reflects on the importance of creating adversity for children's growth and the balance between protecting and preparing them for the future. In this conversation, Nis Frome and Young Han discuss the challenges of parenting in the digital age, including the impact of technology on children's mental health. They also explore the decision-making process of choosing the right school for their children and the importance of social interaction in education. The conversation delves into the need for education reform and the limitations of the current school system. They also touch on the challenges of finding the right daycare and the importance of living space for a growing family. The main takeaway is to contextualize the advice given and received as parenting is a personal journey with different goals for each family.

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Nis Frome is a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor, known for his expertise in building and advising groundbreaking ventures like Coderbyte, Session Rewind, JOON, and more. With a successful track record that includes co-founding Feedback Loop (acquired by DISQO), Nis brings invaluable insights to the intersection of quality of life and the future of work. As an angel investor, he has championed innovative startups such as DEN, Beam, Realm, and Reflex.

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