Ep #105 - Sam LaRobardiere - Brewing Success

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young interviews Sam LaRobardiere, a father of three and Founder and CEO of Theory Coffee Roasters in Redding, California. Sam shares his captivating journey in the coffee-roasting world and how experiences in the coffee world parallel his insights into parenting and entrepreneurship. From the constraints that fuel creativity to the shifting focus of business owners as their companies grow, Sam shares valuable wisdom. He also reflects on the importance of providing emotional security to children and the need to prioritize love and connection over financial success.

Listen & discover:

  • Sam's entertaining first attempt at coffee roasting.
  • The value of preserving company culture during growth.
  • What it takes to win the Golden Bean Coffee Roasting Competition.
  • Parenting teenagers and the joys of this season.
  • Teaching healthy emotional intelligence to teens.
  • The shift in focus as a business owner from product to people.
  • The power of sharing trade secrets and supporting emerging businesses.
  • The true desires of children: love and emotional security.
  • Sam's heartwarming advice for parents and soon-to-be parents.

Join the conversation and gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship, parenting, and the art of roasting coffee in this engaging episode of TGDS.

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