Ep #101 - Tina Malhotra - Juggling Life's Gems

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young interviews Tina Malhotra, the CEO of Color Factory and a devoted mother of two. The discussion centers around Tina's extraordinary journey of effectively managing work and motherhood, offering insightful perspectives and practical advice. From balancing work while pregnant to overseeing business expansion alongside growing her family, Tina's experiences exemplify resilience and adept multitasking.

Tina's candid insights underscore the intricacies of juggling work and home life. Her wisdom in discerning when to drop the "plastic balls" to prioritize the more delicate facets of life resonates deeply. With a focus on open communication with her children and a fresh take on successful parenting, Tina brings innovation to her role as both CEO and mother. As she navigates the intricacies of these roles, Tina's story demonstrates that thriving requires embracing challenges while cherishing each precious moment along the way.

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