Ep #96 - Girl Dad Talks - Solving Problems

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young shares profound insights from his personal and entrepreneurial journey. As a business owner, he emphasizes the unyielding responsibility that comes with having no backup person, where the buck ultimately stops with you. Young finds excitement in work as his family embarks on a week-long vacation to Montana, granting him guilt-free hours to focus on his endeavors.

The conversation delves into the significance of being prepared when luck knocks on your door, seizing opportunities with courage and determination. Young draws wisdom from the book "Chase, Chance, and Creativity" by James H. Austin, highlighting the power of hard work and resilience, the keys to beating competitors with more skill. Additionally, Young candidly shares how he handles whining and navigates problem-solving, all while reflecting on the invaluable life lessons passed down from his father.

Join Young as he unravels these insightful topics, sprinkled with humor and genuine experience.

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