Ep #110 - Girl Dad Talks - Parenting Power Struggles

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young delves into the everyday realities of parenting and how to navigate the occasional hurdles that arise. Sunday serves as a setup day for the work week, but sometimes, a significant meltdown can derail your plans. Young highlights the fact that children, like adults, have their challenging days, and dealing with meltdowns is a fundamental aspect of parenthood. He also explores the distinctions between parenting and the world of business, offering a unique perspective on managing these challenges.

Listen & discover:

  • Insights into handling meltdowns and challenging moments in parenting.
  • Understanding that children also experience difficult days.
  • The unique nature of parenting challenges, different from the world of business.
  • Tips for teaching children about emotions and acquiring valuable parenting skills.
  • The power of gaining perspective on trying parenting moments.
  • How to cultivate compassion and patience when dealing with young children.

Dive into the full episode for more wisdom and a deeper understanding of navigating parenthood with grace and empathy.

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