Ep #100 - Girl Dad Talks - Celebrating 100 Episodes

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Show Notes

In this milestone 100th episode, Young reflects on the podcast's journey and shares valuable insights. From his clever tactics to achieve a century of episodes to his ongoing learning as a podcast host, Young's candid storytelling invites listeners into his world. He explores the evolving landscape of parenting and how the digital age has transformed our approach to raising kids. With a touch of humor and humility, Young reminds us that there's no universal parenting playbook and that even successful parents navigate the unknown.

As he wraps up this special episode, Young's introspective journey through 100 episodes showcases the evolving nature of parenting and the uncharted territories we all navigate, emphasizing the essence of the show: embracing the adventure of parenting and finding inspiration in the candid stories shared by guests.

Tune in for relatable parenting wisdom, insightful interviews, and a celebration of the remarkable journey that "Girl Dad Talks" has embarked upon.

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