Ep #124 - Girl Dad Talks - How I Met Your Mother: Getting to Yes

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Show Notes

In this heartwarming episode, Young shares cherished moments and reflections on his relationship with his wife, Amy. From their first photo together at St. Patrick's to the amusing story of how he convinced her to go on their first date, Young paints a picture of their journey together. Their dynamic partnership is evident in how they complement each other's strengths, providing a balanced upbringing for their daughters. Despite the challenges of finding time after kids, Young reminisces about their early days of saving money to travel and the importance of prioritizing their relationship.

Listen & Discover:

- Heartwarming anecdotes and reflections on Young and Amy's relationship.

- Amusing stories of how Young convinced Amy to go on their first date.

- The complementary strengths that contribute to a balanced family life.

- Challenges and joys of finding time for each other after having kids.

- The pivotal role of a spouse as a supportive partner in business.

Join Young on this journey down memory lane as he shares heartfelt stories and insights about love, partnership, and entrepreneurship.

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