Ep #102 - Girl Dad Talks - Tour of Duty

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young reflects on his experiences at Apple, where he witnessed a unique and celebratory tradition known as the "Tour of Duty." He shares his admiration for this practice, where employees are clapped out and celebrated on their last day, fostering a sense of security and positive closure.

One of the central themes of this episode revolves around reframing leaving a company, whether through quitting or being let go, as a positive experience. Young explores how the "Tour of Duty” concept can be applied to both professional and personal aspects of life, including parenting.

Listen and discover:

     • The competitive landscape of landing a job at Apple.

     • How the "Tour of Duty" concept instills a sense of security among employees.

     • Knowing when to decline a promotion that doesn't align with your goals.

     • Leveraging your strengths for success.

     • The power of transparent conversations with your boss.

     • Questions to ask before accepting a higher position.

     • Applying the "Tour of Duty" concept to create positive transitions.

     • Reframing quitting or leaving for positive outcomes.

     • Using the concept in personal conversations, including parenting and relationships.

Tune in for an enlightening exploration of how embracing change and celebrating transitions can lead to personal and professional growth.Please enjoy & subscribe!

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