Ep #128 - Girl Dad Talks - Airborne Entrepreneur: Adventures in Parenting and Partnerships

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young Han shares his professional parenting journey while traveling for work. He discusses his travel plans and the challenges he faces, including flight anxiety and claustrophobia. He shares exciting business opportunities in the wellness industry and the importance of addressing the broken healthcare system. Additionally, Young discusses new business ventures and the mentorship and partnership he has received. He expresses his appreciation for the podcast and its impact on his life.


  1. Traveling for work can be challenging, but finding ways to manage stress and anxiety is important.
  2. Recording and sharing thoughts can provide clarity and focus.
  3. Integrating work and family life is a constant struggle, but finding ways to spend quality time with loved ones is crucial.
  4. The wellness industry presents opportunities for innovation and disruption, particularly in addressing the broken healthcare system.

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