Ep #94 - Girl Dad Talks - Reflect, Realign, Rebuild

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Show Notes

In this episode, Young reflects on recent discussions with Amy, as they reassess their lives since moving to Texas. They explore the pros and cons of their new location, from the challenging heat to the beauty of the community. Despite the tough conversation, they find joy in watching their girls adapt and evolve.

Young takes the opportunity to reassess work and shares valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of defining personal success. He also reminds listeners that success goes beyond financial achievements.

Young fondly reminisces about family trips, cherishing the special moments and creating lasting memories. He expresses his desire for one-on-one time with each child and with Amy, seeking to strengthen their connections. Lastly, Young shares his approach to resolving conflicts among their girls and opens up about his fear of not meeting his perceived role as a provider for his family.

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