Ep #88 - Jeff Jensen - Faith, Family, and Friends

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In this episode, Young interviews Jeff Jensen: the proud father of 2 little girls, and CEO and founder of Clyr. Jeff reflects on his own upbringing and the importance of faith, family, and friendships in achieving true success in life.

Jeff encourages entrepreneurs to seek fundamentals to gain insights that put them ahead of the game and to be "students of the game" and truth seekers, rather than glossing over headlines. They also discuss the challenge of balancing building a business with having children, emphasizing that there is never a perfect time to have kids. Jeff concludes by discussing the impact of social media on people's lives, especially his daughters as they grow older.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST:Jeff Jensen first and foremost is the proud father of 2 little girls! Jeff is CEO and founder of Clyr (pronounced Clear) which is making pool maintenance carefree and worry-free through technology and CTO at a real-time analytics company called Corva. Previously, he has been CTO of 2 startups that have over $50M raised in VC-backed capital and he has a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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