Ep #68 - Joey Diaz - The Value of Hard Work

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In this episode, Young and Joey talk about work ethic and why it is a major contributor to one's success. They discuss parenting and ways to use everyday activities as opportunities to create memories. Joey also shares his strategies for teaching his daughter about money to build a solid foundation and understanding of the concept.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST:Joe has over 27 years of experience in the Information Technology and Services industries in progressively more senior roles, ranging from a hands-on computer technician to account management, sales, and now CEO.

Joey has an extremely strong work ethic and goes above and beyond for his clients and staff.  With his background, he has a vast understanding of all technical activities along with the financial responsibility to his clients and his company.  He can give his customers the best possible solutions knowing the service end of the business as well as the technical.  

Running a successfully managed IT service company is his passion.  He loves to be able to help create real solutions for Fortune 100 companies and small businesses alike.  Besides helping all of these companies he’s able to employ many talented IT technicians and help them create a future in IT.

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