Ep #44 - Ben Hindman - Emotional Awareness

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Young & Ben dive into topics such as his journey from taking his passion in event planning into a full-scale technology company, learning how to set expectations with his kids and communicating with them, and also bringing them up around music and nurturing their goals and aspirations.  

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Ben is no wallflower. An events planner-turned-tech entrepreneur who prizes people skills above all else, he has successfully conceptualized and developed several successful companies—all of which revolve around the collective power of shared experiences.

As founder of Splash, an events marketing platform, Ben works alongside technologists, designers, marketers, and party planners to make sense of the events industry by anticipating trends, identifying unspoken user needs, and finding the next great laser light. In 2015 alone, his venture-backed software has powered 500,000+ events for brands ranging from Red Bull to the Pope.

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