Ep #76 - Jamie Ceglarz - Communication is Key

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In this episode, Young interviews Jamie Ceglarz, CEO and Founder of Guild Talent, Co-Founder of the Operator’s Guild, and father of two. Jamie talks about good communication and how it is integral to his business and family's success. He also shares his strategies for separating work time and family time and how he transitions between the two to be a present parent.Please enjoy & subscribe! ABOUT OUR GUEST:Jamie is the CEO and Founder of Guild Talent as well as the Co-Founder of the Operator’s Guild. Guild Talent is a boutique executive search firm based in San Francisco. Their specialty leadership hiring with mid-stage start-up companies. He’s grown the company from just himself to 20 employees in under 4 years. The Operators Guild is a nationwide professional network for Operations and Finance leaders of (mostly) venture-backed companies. Jamie grew up in the Bay Area and went to San Diego State for college. He met his lovely wife in San Francisco and they've been married for 5 years. They have 2 young boys and recently relocated to Bend, Oregon to enjoy the outdoors and focus on work/life balance. When not working or networking, you’ll find Jamie with his family somewhere outdoors (ideally on a ski hill or trail, or golf course).

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