Ep #78 - Garrett Viggers - The Present Parent

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In this episode, Young interviews Garrett Viggers: entrepreneur, artist, musician, and father of three. Garrett shares his thoughts on what it means to be successful in both his career and his family. They talk about how Garrett practices presence at a deeper level in order to show up fully for his family. Garrett also shares his future plans as he prepares for the “empty nest” phase of parenting.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST:Garret Viggers is the Co-Founder of Limelight Health (acquired by FINEOS in 2020).He is currently exploring other pain points with employee benefits distribution, the music industry, as well as web3/blockchain real-world use cases.

Garrett is a renaissance insurtech entrepreneur with over 20 years in the employee benefits industry, an artist and Redding-based singer-songwriter & instrumentalist (hammer dulcimer, lap dulcimer). He received a Masters in Spiritual Formation in 2010 at St. Stephens University in New Brunswick Canada.

In February, 2014 Garrett co-founded Limelight Health as Chief Product Officer, a Redding and San Francisco-based insurtech startup that grew to 125 team members with 12 million annual recurring revenue. The vision was always to empower insurance carriers, brokers, employers and employees to make good benefits decisions through the underwriting, quoting, and enrollment journey. One highlight of scaling Limelight Health's culture was Garrett's vision to incorporate music that fostered authenticity and vulnerability in the midst of a growing Saas startup, including a re-mix version of Eye of the Tiger, which started as Garrett's personal anthem and became a limelight cultural anthem. In August 2020 FINEOS acquired Limelight Health for 75 million. Garrett has lived in Redding, CA since 2003 and also enjoys backcountry snowboarding and surfing. He has a beautiful wife, Tara (married 25 years), and three growing kids, Judah (21), Gabriel (19), and Scarlett (16).

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