Ep #74 - Jen Ford - A Growth Mindset

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In this episode, Young interviews seasoned C-level executive Jen Ford. Jen is an Advisor to Founders, CEOs and CFOs at high-growth companies and mother of two. They talk about Jen’s growth mindset approach and how it has been the key to her success both in her career and personal life. Jen shares how she encourages her two daughters to explore different interests while teaching them the importance of living within their means to make smart career choices. She also empowers women to release the notion of mom-guilt and embrace unconventional parenting dynamics.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST:Jen Ford is a seasoned C-level executive with a background in e-commerce, retail, travel, and technology. During her career, Jen has worked in both public and private companies, from start-up to Fortune 100. She has led successful teams in a broad range of finance, operational and strategic functions through the highs of triple digit growth, IPOs, and acquisitions as well as the lows of cash constraints, restructuring, and a global pandemic. Jen is passionate about scaling companies from early stages to maturity and creating operational excellence. As a leader, Jen is known for her genuine and transparent leadership style and, while she is unwavering in her drive for high standards, she leads with an emphasis on culture and connection.

In her current role as an Advisor to Founders, CEOs and CFOs at high-growth companies, Jen is a sounding board, coach and ally. Leveraging over 20 years of experience as an operator, financial steward, and partner to Founders and CEOs she helps teams become a better version of themselves, drive stronger execution, and build value across the organization.  

Jen lives with her husband and two daughters in Austin, Texas. They have a strong sense of adventure and love traveling and being outdoors. Jen has a creative streak: she is an award winning photographer, and has been known to entertain on Instagram with her pancake art. Jen and her husband both dedicate time to their local community, including volunteering with JDRF, Girls Empowerment Network, and Generation Serve.

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