Ep #86 - Michael Brito - Raising Lady Mambas

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In this episode, Young interviews Michael Brito: Global Head of Analytics for Zeno, university professor, and proud father of two young adult daughters. Michael discusses the challenges of raising two girls with different personalities, navigating the teenage years, and finding the balance between being supportive and letting go. He also shares his thoughts on mental health and the importance of getting kids involved in sports. Michael ends with his veteran dad advice to cherish every moment and document along the way. Tune in for an insightful conversation on parenting and self-discovery.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Michael Brito is the Global Head of Analytics for Zeno. He leads a 40+ analytics team spanning all time zones and supporting clients across B2B, Consumer, Technology, and Healthcare verticals.

Brito and the analytics team extract actionable insights to inform paid, earned, and owned media programs and campaigns. They help clients deep-dive into target audiences to uncover their brand affinities, media preferences, and trending conversations. They provide earned media intelligence and give clients unique insights into the most impactful media outlets and the narratives driving the news cycle.

He’s been recognized as one of the Top 50 Social Intelligence Pioneers by The Social Intelligence Lab, named to the Dashboard 25 Class of 2022 by PRWeek, and identified as one of the Top 25 Digital PR innovators by PRovoke Media.

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