Ep #30 - Ahmed Abdelaal - Prepared for Success

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Ahmend Abdelaal on Prepared for Success. Brought to you by The Girl Dad Show with Young Han.

Young & Ahmend dive into topics such as qualifying success in personal and professional life, Providing your kids with options, the balance of preparing your kids and giving them space to develop and learn, transitioning into parenthood, and professional life during Covid.

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About Guest: Ahmed is a father, mixed martial arts enthusiast, and an operations guy with a flare for strategy and technology.  He started off his career as an offshore oil driller and transitioned to tech after accidentally developing a piece of software to make his life easier and people got interested in his problem solving.  Today, he's a high growth tech operator.  His paths has been filled with adventure, challenges, and achievement.  After transitioning to tech, he took a four year stint at McKinsey to hone his strategy thinking and become more well rounded before returning to tech.  After working at Oracle and Amazon, he decided to join the high growth start up world where he built operations for Scale AI and helped them go from $100M to a $7.3B valuation.  He is described as a field general and war time leader who repeatedly achieved the impossible by attempting the absurd.  He also travelled all over the world and lived in several countries before transitioning to the US 9 years ago.  In his spare time, he spends time with his daughters, travels, and trains and competes in Brazilian Jujitsu.

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