Ep #14 - Hong Quan - Conscious Decision Making

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Show Notes

Hong Quan on Conscious Decision Making. Brought to you by The Girl Dad Show with Young Han.

Young & Hong dig into topics like how one phone call changed the way Hong viewed companies forever, the strange ways the bike industry has been affected by the pandemic, success despite humble upbringings & how to prevent that from burdening your children, the correlation between where kids are brought up versus career options & choices, ways to objectively improve being a parent, how choosing where to live is a conscious decision & can be a massive investment in your children's future, and how to succeed as a startup founder while having kids early.

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About our guest: Hong Quan is a Wall Street Trader turned Startup Recruiter. He's worked with a lot of startups over the last two decades, a few of which you've likely heard of. His most important job is being the #StartupDad to his two kids in Palo Alto, California. Not only has Hong helped startups grow in their most crucial early years, he's started a few companies of his own! His latest is an electric bike startup called Karmic City, where they're building the future of personal electric vehicles for everyone.

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