Ep #11 - Jeremy Giroir - On Adventure and Life Lessons

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Jeremy Giroir on Adventure and Life Lessons. Brought to you by The Girl Dad Show with Young Han.

Young & Jeremy talk about topics from a sneak-peek into Jeremy's exciting resort building adventure, his yearlong RV journey with a toddler, the supportive upbringing he wishes to instill in his daughter, life lessons learned from his father, why he sold his last business, and what success is in business and parenting.

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About our guest: An entrepreneur at heart, at the age of twelve, Jeremy (https://linkedin.com/in/jeremy-giroir) learned the power of compound interest and immediately began cutting grass for income so he could start saving for retirement. In college, instead of getting a part-time job, he purchased prepaid phone cards and ATMs wholesale and sold them to convenience stores. Upon graduating, he turned down a job offer from Price Waterhouse Cooper in order to build, then later sell, a vending machine business. In 2013, he moved to Austin and purchased a stone fabrication company. After growing the company to $3.2M in annual sales and 22 employees, he sold it and is now pursuing the real-life version of his favorite childhood board game, Monopoly. Although his career has been eclectic and rewarding, his most fulfilling job to date is being a dad to his 16-month-old daughter, Ellery.

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