Ep #16 - Jay Williams - On How to Thrive

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Jay Williams on How to Thrive. Brought to you by The Girl Dad Show with Young Han.

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About our guest: Jay Williams (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayw329) is a leader on the Enterprise Sales team at Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global, on a mission to end the collective delusion that stress & burnout are the prices you must pay for success. Thrive is helping the world's largest companies empower their people to build healthier habits, which in turn activates stronger work cultures with sustained well-being, improved resilience, and higher performance.

As the father of two resilient teenagers,  Jay is a mindful father passionate about the power of meditation, traveling the world, and chicory coffee from New Orleans - a passion introduced to him during his college years at Tulane University.  After initially kicking off his career in the entertainment industry, Jay has spent the past 15+ years in sales leadership roles at both large organizations and fast-growing startups.

Young and Jay talk about how the struggles of the first 18 months of the pandemic have caused parents to take on extra roles like counselors, teachers, administrators, etc, about how Thrive (the company) is helping parents regain balance in their lives, how to instill yourself in your kids' lives by sharing what you love, how his parents were a catalyst in his own life, about the hardest things about being a parent, and how Jay helped his kinds find the things that have meaning to them.

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