Ep #25 - Dennis Carlson - Centered Life

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Dennis Carlson on TITLE. Brought to you by The Girl Dad Show with Young Han.

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Young & Dennis discuss his mission-focused career supporting the end of forced labor, slavery, and human trafficking around the globe, how his medical journey impacted the rest of his life, and putting your "money where your mouth is" when it comes to your values.

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About Dennis Carlson: Dennis and his wife of 21 years Steph, a school counselor, live in Davis, CA with their three children, the soon-to-be UCSC Banana Slug Cassidy (18), field hockey champ Sweden (15), and aspiring trampoline gymnast Finn (12). Dennis serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships for International Justice MIssion (IJM), where he engages mission-minded leaders to invest in a proven and scalable solution to end forced labor, slavery, and human-trafficking.

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