Ep #85 - Girl Dad Talks - I’m a Soccer Coach!

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Show Notes

In this episode of TGDS, Young shares his excitement about coaching his daughter Lily's soccer team for the first time and how he hopes to apply his experience in coaching businesses to sports. He reflects on the persistence and hard work that got The Girl Dad Show to Season 2 and a new Season 3, despite the odds against most podcasts. Young also shares his thoughts on the relationship between luck and success and the importance of being prepared and willing to try when opportunities arise.

Young offers some valuable tips for influencing your kids' interests, such as surrounding them with the activities you want them to participate in, like music and the arts. He also stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with successful professional parents to stay inspired and motivated.

This episode is packed with insights for entrepreneur parents looking to balance their personal and professional lives. Tune in to TGDS to learn more!

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